(Lemon Crème x Elderberry Kush)

 A candy-sweet sativa with aromas and flavors of fresh, tart strawberries. Butterfly is luscious and creamy, with a thick indica smoke and a sensual sativa high. She is enjoyed by the ladies and reportedly increases sexual arousal. Don't let this one fly away! Sativa dominant. 63-69 days.

Loco Motive

(Allen Wrench x unknown)

​​​​​​​         Loco Motive was created by an unknown and accidental pollination of an Allen Wrench mother. The resultant offspring tasted like the Allen Wrench with added notes of pineapple and pine. Sativa dominant. 65-69 days. No longer available but used in breeding projects like Manna and Exes & Hos O.G..

Summer Love

 (Trainwreck x Trainwreck)

 Summer Love is the product of crossing a female bag seed of Trainwreck with a male bag seed of Trainwreck. Unfortunately, like many a real summer love, the original seeds were tainted with a virus: TMV. Through selective breeding and reimagining, Love Genetics brings about a disease-free Trainwreck backcross that will satisfy your need for a California legendary sativa, even if only for the summer.

Sativa dominant. 69-77 days.

The Alchemist 

 (CBD Rich Blessings x Valhalla)​

 The Alchemist is aptly named, as she is a potion of the two best CBD-THC combination strains on the market. Offspring have a high potential of being 2:1 with a total profile of around 25%+. The CBD Rich Blessings mother tested at 13% THC, 8% CBD and was aching to be hit with the juicy Valhalla pollen.  The Alchemist is sweet and spicy with high notes of melon, grape, and fuel. She's absolutely unlike anything else most have ever experienced. Sativa dominant. 65-79 days.


(Purple Dragon Kush x Thunderhead)  

Dragonhead is a purple haze lover’s new tryst. Long-flowering hazy spears of purple grape fuel reach for the sky. Dragonhead grows and presents like Sour Cream, with all that sour rubber fuel aroma mixed with grape and purple berry. This strain was used in several breeding projects but is no longer available at this time.


(Pipe Dreams x Dragonfire) 

Dreamfire is a dank and fruity combination of blueberry haze from the Pipe Dreams mother and the purple earthy fire of the Dragonfire male. Her colas drip with crystalline syrup that reeks of purple berries and summer in the city. For lovers of Blue Dream and Purple Kush, Dreamfire will ignite your night!   

Sativa dominant. 49-63 days.

 Purple Dragon Kush

(Purple Widow x O.G. Kush bag seed male) 

The Dragon OG was an OG Kush bag seed male and had a purple-headed hydra appearance that earned the plant its name. We used him to pollinate a long-flowering, sweet licorice scented Purple Widow that was dark emerald and so purple she was almost black, yet had the bud structure of one of Arjan’s hazes. Purple Dragon Kush is Love Genetics’ first major commercial strain. Several phenotypes hark back to her Pakistani ancestry and present with flat stems (this is a very rare trait). The majority of the phenotypes smelled of grape candy, OG Kush and hash. A favorite smelled like candy-coated licorice bits and tasted like candy, berries and Cheese Skunk. PDK tends to have black-jade leaves and long pistils that look like mini flames. Note: Purple Dragon Kush is NOT related to Purple Dragon. Indica dominant. 63-77 days.

Titanium Fire 

(Dragonhead x Valhalla)  

Da Purps + White Widow + OG Kush + Sour Diesel+ G13 Haze + Jilly Bean + ACDC = FIRE! Expect fuel dankness kissed with grape, berry, and limonene.  She’s heavy and sensuous, with the melting effect of CBD.  Topping is recommended for indoor if planning on extended periods of vegetation.  Titanium Fire can be placed directly under 12/12 after germination to keep her size down.  Sativa dominant. 67-99+ days.

Elderberry Kush

 (Raspberry Kush x Raspberry Kush) 

A nearly full indica cannabis strain that is Raspberry Kush, WOW cut x Raspberry Kush. The WOW cut of Raspberry Kush was extremely popular in the California San Joaquin Valley around 2010, and we used her in this project. Elderberry Kush’s claim to fame—aside from her fruity-sweet kushiness—is a true six-week flowering time for most phenotypes when grown properly. Unfortunately, some of the early flowering phenos have a tendency to form big male balls the size of small peas and she needs to be monitored closely. Indica dominant. 40-56 days.

Burnin’ Love

(Forbidden Love x Jack Phoenix #2) 

A sweet Jack Phoenix hybrid with increased levels of CBD. Flavors of candy, cherry, lemon, and spice erupt from lime-green glistening foxtail colas. Burnin’ Love has an uplifting and creative high with waves of calming CBD. Topping is recommended for indoor. Sativa dominant. 63-77 days.


(Prometheus x Loco Motive) 

Love Genetics has done it. We've created the greatest strain ever. And we're super humble about it, too. Firecracker explodes with sweet citrus and soda, like Mt. Dew flavored cannabis. With effervescent hints of lemon and pineapple and an uplifting bubbling effect, Firecracker is a summertime sativa lover's newest bedmate! As if that's not enough bang for the gang, Firecracker also flowers in 42-49 days!!!   

Sativa dominant. 42-49 days.

Phoenix Fire

 (Dragonhead x Jack Phoenix #2)​ 

Phoenix Fire is a sweet, soaring, haze-style plant with incredible terpenes. She will make you ache to cut her from an early age due to the intense grape and candy-fuel aromas. Phoenix Fire was created to push the limits of haze flowers that can be grown outdoors in the more temperate areas. We knew that she would have ridiculous terpenes and outrageously high THC, but we also created her to satisfy the outdoor sativa grower. Phoenix Fire will have long, running colas and huge sativa spears. Topping multiple times is mandatory. Can be started directly under 12/12 indoors to keep her height down. Ideal for SCROG. Sativa dominant. 69-83 days.

 Exes & Hos O.G.

 (O.G. Love x Loco Motive)

​​​​​​​​         A dank-ass lime O.G. meets pineapple scented sativa to create a more speedy kush with citrus, pine, and pineapple notes. Heavy and uplifting, Exes & Hos O.G. will have you singing to your sweet someone all night long. And all morning long. Hybrid. 63-67 days.


(J1 x Jack Phoenix #2)

​​​​      Bred by a famous rapper exclusively for Love Genetics, Jinx combines two amazing Jack Herer hybrids. Offspring are sweet and skunky, with a strong overtone of tropical Jack candy. Jinx has incredible hybrid vigor, producing exceptionally large and monstrous plants. Sativa dominant. 69-77 days.

Lemon Crème 

 (Lemon Jack x DNA Genetics’ Sour Cream)

​​​​​      A bizarrely unstable strain, Lemon Crème produces several phenotypes, including one that smells like bergamot or Earl Grey tea, one with unmistakable aromas of lemon-pine cleaner, and one that smells like American Sweet Tea from the south. Lemon Crème has been used in several breeding projects to create some of Love Genetics’ best strains (like Prometheus). Sativa dominant. 69-77 days.

Old Lady Purp

(Cali Lavender x Purple Dragon Kush) 

Why should the "granddaddy" get all the press when it was the grandma that invented the color "old lady purple"? Sweet, spicy, pungent and adorned in purple like a grandma, Old Lady Purp is one of our most purple tasting strains. Although she is technically sativa dominant, her terpenes lean more towards the heavier, narcotic purple indicas like Blackberry Kush.  Sativa dominant. 65-77 days.


(Thunderhead x Bodhi’s CBD Rich Blessings)​​​​​​​​          

A Sour Diesel and G13 Haze hybrid pumped up with CBD.  Offspring will be dank, fuelly, and musky with hints of citrus, sage and melon.  Like the beat of a good song, she has a stoney and hypnotic high.  Despite the sativa, Metronome can be sedative and narcotic.  Her bud structure is very similar to Sour Diesel, and should be grown accordingly. Sativa dominant. 63-91 days.

Summer D​​

(Super Sour Diesel x Dragonfire) 

We took the famous cutting of Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze and pollinated her with "Rapid Fire", our fast flowering, sweet and kushy Dragonfire male. Summer D offspring are exactly as expected with aromas and flavors of skunky sour fuel grape lemons and sweet citrus syrup. This strain lives up to her namesake, and Love Genetics is honored to name this beautiful Cali girl after the famous West Coast rapper, the “Cali Grrrl”… Sativa dominant. 69-79 days.


(Trainwreck x Jack Phoenix #3)

​​   Like a collision of rocket ships, Jaccident is a powerful sativa with flavors of citrus, haze candy, sandalwood and earth. With soaring and couchlock effects, Jaccident is truly staggering. Sativa dominant. 63-77 days.


(ACDC x Sky Dragon) 

Valhalla is Love Genetics’ pinnacle CBD strain. She consistently tests out 1:1 CBD:THC with total cannabinoid levels around 20%. Having the bud structure and flowering time of ACDC and the flavor of the Sky Dragon, Valhalla tastes like grape and earth with a hint of lemon and fuel. Valhalla is best topped and trained to form numerous colas, and strives in a SCRoG indoor set-up or trellised outdoors.

Sativa dominant. 55-67 days.


(Dragonhead x CBD Rich Blessings)

​​Thick lemon, dank grape, and cloudy CBD fuel surround you in a fog of THC. Expect sour and hazy spears coated with crystals that reek of intense terpenes. She’ll leave you high awake, but you may not be able to see through the Smoke.

Sativa dominant. 67-79 days.


(Valhalla x Jack Phoenix #2) 

Sweet, towering THC trees uplifted by CBD battle all your ailments.  Expect the essence of Valhalla with added tropical cherry and lemon candy Jack Herer. Valkyrie is energizing and euphoric, with an anchor of CBD. Valkyrie grows large and can be rather viny. Topping is a must indoors. Valkyrie consistently tests out with a 2:1 ratio of CBD:THC. Sativa dominant. 63-79 days.

The Love


Love Genetics took a cutting of an 18:1 CBD:THC AC/DC that tested out at 25.09% CBD, 1.38% THC and reversed it (see photo left) to create feminized pollen. Then, we pollinated the mother with herself. The resulting offspring varied in CBD level, with there being three main ratio phenotypes: a 18:1, a 19:1, and a 22:1. The Love was donated to a non-profit organization in Santa Cruz, and is no longer available in seed form. The Love has been used for several Love Genetics projects, including Sol Love, Forbidden Love, Burnin' Love, etc.

Agent Jack Lavender

(Jack Lavender x Jack Phoenix #2)

We took our earthy, berries-and-herbs Jack Lavender and hit her with the secret kiss of fiery sweet goodness of our Jack Phoenix #2Secret Agent” male. For those who prefer a heavy, creamy, more classic smoke, Agent Jack Lavender is spot-on. Her covert calmness will flow through you, while making your taste buds scream to uncover the truth!  Sativa dominant. 63-77 days.

Doris Roberts

(Old Lady Purp x Loco Motive) 

Love Genetics bred this strain in honor of our favorite crazy grandma from the iconic cannabis film "Grandma's Boy". Doris Roberts (1925-2016 R.I.P.) was a quintessential American comedian and actress whose role in "Grandma's Boy" will remain forever baked into the brains of cannabis users. Expect Doris Roberts to be like a purple pineapple, with dank spears of spicy and musky pine, fruit and grape. 

Sativa dominant. 63-77 days.


(DNA Genetics’ Sour Cream F1) 

 Thunderhead was created specifically to multiply the Sour Cream genetics into a larger stock for breeding purposes. Thunderhead was used in several Love Genetics projects but is not available to the public.


(Jack Phoenix #2 x Elderberry Kush)

​​​     The inverse of Hot Mamma!, Jade is a sweet and kushy hybrid that is simultaneously invigorating and hard-hitting. We selected two different phenotypes for our projects, one that had a sativa bud structure and the aroma of sweet kush, haze and cinnamon, and one that was indica dominant and had aromas of berries, cherries, and flowers. Jade is named after the main female character in the cannabis superhero adventure novel The Unrevealed. Hybrid. 59-69 days.

Cali Lavender

(Lavender x Lavender)

   Normally, Lavender crossed with itself would just be Lavender. But, the Lavender mom selected for this cross was unlike any other Lavender we’ve ever come across.  She had the exact same appearance and bud structure of the traditional Lavender (Soma’s cut), but she exploded with an aroma of sweet grape or berry instead of the typical spice. We kissed her with a spicy Lavender male, and created a slight variation on Lavender. Cali Lavender is a fat, slightly sativa dominant strain that reeks of sweet and spicy hash and sandalwood.  Because of her more indica dominant looking bud structure, she has a tendency to appear ripe earlier than she is, and Love Genetics recommends that you wait a full 63 days before even thinking about cutting her. Cali Lavender can develop drastic purples and significant increases in active cannabinoids in her last week of flowering. Sativa dominant. 63-69 days.

Elysian Fields 

(Cali Lavender x Valhalla) 

Elysian Fields is a chunky, spicy, grape, berry-fuel flower with a medium yield. She has indica density with sativa dominant flowers. Elysian Fields was developed to satisfy patients who enjoy a thicker, heavier smoke that is high in THC, but also has a bit of CBD for the muscle relaxation and anti-inflammatory properties.

Sativa dominant. 63-77 days.

Certified 20

(Purple Caper Seed Company’s Chocolate Hashberry x Purple Dragon Kush)  

Usher says it all about this strain, “On a scale from 1-10, she’s a Certified 20!” Dark, curvaceous, sensual and syrupy like a sip of the curves on a gorgeous woman. Certified 20 tastes like chocolate covered berries and sex. Indica dominant. 57-63 days.

Love Genetics.

City Blues

(O.G. Love x Pipe Dreams)   

A super dank and chunky O.G. hybrid. Insanely powerful skunky kush notes invade your entire garden and neighborhood. The flavors and aromas of O.G. Kush with a slightly sweet floral earthiness from the Pipe Dreams father explode, and eliminate your City Blues. Indica dominant. 63-77 days.

Pipe Dreams

(Blue Dream x unknown)

  Pipe Dreams is an unknown hybrid of Blue Dream created from crossing male and female bag seeds from a Blue Dream bag. She is an earthier, kushy version of Blue Dream with a slightly more indica bud structure. Hybrid. 63-69 days.


(Purple Dragon Kush x Lemon Crème) 

 Having the smell and taste of syrupy-sweet citrus flavored soda mixed with slightly sour purple candy and the effervescent sativa high to match, Prometheus is my all-time favorite strain and a terp-head’s wet dream. Her golden sativa spears glisten like honey and money in the warm California sun. Sativa dominant. 63-69 days.

Master Strain List

*newly listed strains are entered at the bottom of the page.  for more information regarding availability, click here.


(Prometheus x Purple Dragon Kush) 

  Prometheus is my all-time favorite strain, tasting and smelling like Golden Goat with a hint of purple pop… I hit my perfect Prometheus mother again with my grapey Purple Dragon Kush male to create a strain that tastes like grape flavored Mt. Dew. Golden sativa spears glisten with hints of purple and blaze with long silvery pistils that look like flames… Dragonfire lives up to her name. Are you dragon enough to handle her fire? Sativa dominant. 69-77 days.


(Locktite x Dragonfire) 

Dank and musky RedEyed Genetics' Locktite meets sweet citrus and grape fire. Firelock combines the heavy and chemmy Gorilla Glue #4 phenotype of Locktite with "Rapid Fire," our super-fast-flowering Dragonfire male. Firelock will have a speeded up flowering time and an amped up terpene profile.  Sativa dominant. 53-77 days.


(Jack Phoenix #2 x Purple Dragon Kush) 

Blaze is a sweet and fiery strain with flavors and aromas of candied Asian spice and Jack Herer syrup. Long flowering, heavy yielding, Blaze is a fruity and savory monster of a strain. She is named after the dragon in the cannabis novel The Unrevealed. Sativa dominant. 69-77 days.

Chocolate Dreams

(Purple Caper Seed Company’s Chocolate Hashberry x Pipe Dreams)

  Thick, heavy and high yielding, Chocolate Dreams can make all your fantasies come true. She’s sweet and chocolaty from the Chocolate Hashberry, with earthy floral notes from the Pipe Dreams. Indica dominant. 57-69 days.

Candy Girl

 (Purple Dragon Kush x Jack Phoenix #2) 

 Grape candy meets Jack Herer sweetness. What more needs to be said… she’s the Candy Girl! High yielding, she prefers to grow big and bushy outdoors but can be grown indoors by a skilled hand. Candy Girl was formerly released as limited edition feminized seeds under the name Dragon & Phoenix and passed in clone form under the name Purple Phoenix. Sativa dominant. 69-77 days.


(Loco Motive x Jack Phoenix #2) 

Manna is a strain that has taken over three years to complete, and was well worth the wait. Ever since tasting Jack Herer and Allen Wrench, we knew that the two had to be crossed. We took our pineapple-grapefruit Loco Motive mother and hit her hard with a hazy Jack Phoenix #2 male. The resulting offspring tend to be slightly more indica dominant in appearance than your typical Jack or Allen, with a shorter flowering time. The greatest part of Manna, aside from her energetic high, is her incredible terpenes; she definitely has that ‘WOW’ factor. For those interested in ‘bag appeal,’ this girl’s got it. Sativa dominant. 63-79 days.

Pineapple Sage 

(Bodhi’s CBD Rich Blessings F1) 

Love Genetics was gifted three Blessing seedlings. Two phenotypes looked like ACDC, and one phenotype looked more like an OG or Sour D. There was one male and one female of the ACDC pheno, and one female of the other pheno that tested out with high THC and high CBD. We used the higher THC lady as the mother of this cross. Pineapple Sage is a dense and chunky plant that is potentially high in both CBD and THC. The mother tested out at 13% THC, 8% CBD. Pineapple Sage is sweet and earthy with notes of sage, citrus and astringent melon. Sativa dominant. 63-75 days.


(O.G. Love x Purple Dragon Kush) 

Silverwhite is so amazing that a famous West Coast EDM rapper titled a song after it! Silverwhite is coated in crystals and almost looks like glistening white and silver. With aromas of O.G., fuel and grape candy, Silverwhite is a souped-up grape kush with streaks of sativa speed. Indica dominant. 67-77 days.

Sól Love

​​(The Love x Lemon Crème) 

We used the 22:1 phenotype of The Love and hit her with Lemon Crème feminized pollen to create a high CBD strain with candy sweet lemon overtones and a negligible to moderate amount of THC. Expect offspring to reek of astringent and sweet lemon and have an insanely quick flowering time for a sativa strain. She performs well indoors and out. Sativa dominant. 59-65 days.

Heavenly Love

(Sól Love x Valhalla) 

1:1 CBD:THC astringent lemon meets 1:1 CBD:THC grape candy hash in this mash up of two of the highest CBD hybrids ever made available. The fusion of these strains helped solidify the 1:1 ratio in Heavenly Love and create a strain with aromas and flavors of grape and lemon hash. Sativa dominant. 61-77 days.

 Hot Mamma!

(Elderberry Kush x Jack Phoenix #2)

​​  Thick, juicy, sweet, and kushy buds bust the branches as they weigh down from all the cannabinoid syrup. Sexy Raspberry Kush aromas and flavors are garnished with the candied haze sugar of Jack Phoenix #2. This strain is for indica lovers who like the Jack taste but not the invigorating and speedy high of the typical Jack Phoenix #2. Hybrid. 61-67 days.

Diamond Sky

(Tiffany’s O.G. x Dragonfire)

  Tiffany’s O.G. is the result of an accidental pollination of Diamond O.G. by either a Cookie Family Dosidos, Gorilla Glue #4, or a Diamond O.G. hermie. Diamond Sky takes the Diamond O.G. phenotype of Tiffany’s O.G. and pollinates her with "Rapid Fire," my fast-flowering Dragonfire male. The result is an awesomely dank and sweet O.G. strain with a hint of citrus soda, purple and grape. Diamond Sky is featured in the hit song “Firefly”. Hybrid. 59-67 days.

 This site is for informational and copyright purposes only. Love Genetics is  no longer distributing seeds at this time.

Forbidden Love

(Sól Love x Jack Phoenix #2) 

The prize of the Santa Cruz Mountains in 2013, Forbidden Love swept the local underground scene and captivated major dispensaries in San Francisco. She is a sweet, candied hybrid of our insanely high CBD strain Sól Love and our sugary Jack Phoenix #2. With flavors reminiscent of XJ13, Forbidden Love helped demolish the stereotype that all CBD strains have an acrid or assy terpene profile! Sativa dominant. 63-77 days. 

Gorilla Warfare

(Gorilla Glue #4 x Dragonfire) 

Thick and dank gorilla meets sweet citrus and grape fire. Gorilla Warfare combines the heavy and chemmy Gorilla Glue #4 with "Rapid Fire," our super-fast-flowering Dragonfire male (less than three weeks to ripe). Expect GG#4 style colas with a speeded up flowering time and an amped up terpene profile. Sativa dominant. 53-77 days.


(Loco Motive x CBD Rich Blessings)

Archangel was bred to get a huge-yielding, high THC strain with increased levels of CBD. The Loco Motive mother used for this strain was an indica-leaning Allen Wrench hybrid that reeked of pineapple, grapefruit, lemon and flowers. She had a much faster flowering time than the more Allen dominant phenotypes of Loco Motive, and had lost the viny growth pattern. The addition of the CBD Rich Blessings makes Archangel a sincere medical force to be reckoned with. Sativa dominant. 65-79 days.

Sky Dragon

(Ice Dragon x Purple Dragon Kush)

Sky Dragon is a strain that has ended up being most valuable for its production of powerful breeding males. Notably, a Sky Dragon male created the legendary Valhalla strain. The Ice Dragon mother was the candy store phenotype of Jilly Bean x Dinafem’s White Siberian x my Purple Dragon Kush and was only grown once specifically for the Sky Dragon breeding project. The popular Sky Dragon female smells like an ice cream parlor and tastes like grape and Jack Herer flavored sherbet in a waffle cone. Sativa dominant. 77-91 days. No longer available.

Gangsta’s Paradise

(O.G. Love x Valhalla) 

Gangsta’s Paradise is a true, dank as fuck O.G. Kush strain with elevated levels of CBD. Having aromas of kush, fuel, lime, grape, hash and tart citrus, and a powerful couchlocking punch, Gangsta’s Paradise will cap out any doubts about CBD strains. Hybrid. 65-77 days.

Lemon Jack 

(Jack Phoenix x Greenhouse Seed Co.’s Lemon Skunk)

​​​​​​       Two of the best sativas of all time combine in this candied euphoria of a strain. All the sweet and sour lemon of the Lemon Skunk and the sugary, fruity and floral flavors of Jack Phoenix melt together in a candy lover’s dream come true. Sativa dominant. 63-77 days.

Jade Eye Mind Trick

(Jade x Mind Trick) 

Jade Eye Mind Trick is no fucking joke! Her history is a little like the crawl at the beginning of the Star Wars films, but it's worth noting. We took our berries and flowers phenotype of Jade and hit her hard with Mind Trick, a bagseed male from a verified bag of Skywalker OG (Mazar x Blueberry x O.G. Kush). The resulting offspring are sumptuous, syrupy and fast-flowering, with dark maroon leaves coated in trichome diamonds. Jade Eye Mind Trick smells and tastes exactly like cherry soda and candy... like drinking cherry 7-Up while sucking on a cherry Jolly Rancher. She is for the candy lover and the sativa fanatic. The force is definitely strong in this one!  

Sativa dominant. 42-56 days.

Jack Phoenix #3

 (Jack Phoenix #2 x Jack Phoenix #2)

​​    We took an extremely unique, Asian spice, haze and sandalwood phenotype of Jack Phoenix #2 and hit her hard with a candy-sweet Jack Phoenix #2 male to make Jack Phoenix #3. Expect sweet Jack Herer flavored Asian spears of chunky sativa flowers and a mind-warping effect. Jack Phoenix #3 is not for novices or cannanewbies, and is considered by some cannabis dabblers to be a one-hit-wonder. Our Asian spice Jack Phoenix #2 phenotype circulated the Mother Lode and the Central Valley under the inappropriate handle "Asian Fantasy." Sativa dominant. 65-77days.

Holy Ghost

(Ghost O.G. x Valhalla)

  Holy Ghost is a hardcore, haunting O.G. Kush strain with elevated levels of CBD. With aromas of earth, kush, fuel, grape, hash, cleaning products and tart citrus, Holy Ghost will bless you with the amazing spirit of CBD. Indica dominant. 65-77 days.

O.G. Love 

(dank lime O.G. Kush phenotype) 

O.G. Love is an EXTREMELY dank phenotype of O.G. Kush that reeks of lime, fuel and O.G.. Hard hitting and high yielding, she is a stronger and heavier producer than most O.G.s. Indica dominant. 59-67 days.


(Bodhi’s CBD Rich Blessings F1)

 This is an ACDC dom. female pollinated with a similarly structured male.  The mother was completely ready and harvested outdoor by Sept. 15 with a large, indica appearing harvest.  Most Om offspring will be high CBD but a few will present with notable levels of THC.  The parent strain tested out at 12.87% THC, 8.38 % CBD.  Expect astringent lemon, sandalwood, sage, pineapple, mint, and melon. Sativa dominant. 53-79 days.